Body Stress Release – a better quality of life.

The purpose of Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release has one objective only – to enable the body to release its locked-in stress, thereby allowing the body to restore itself to its optimum state of function.

In this way, BSR is based on a profound respect for the body’s wisdom, and trust in its inbuilt ability to heal itself.

BSR is a non-therapeutic, complementary health-care profession.

BSR is not in any way, a therapy, or treatment, of any condition or disease. It is not an alternative to medical care, or other professional treatment.

When body stress is present, there is constant undermining of our well-being – physically, mentally and emotionally. Thus freedom from body stress promotes a better quality of life, in all these aspects


How does it work?

The BSR practitioner does a series of pressure tests on a fully-clothed person, and the muscular responses indicate the exact site of stored stress.

The practitioner then applies a light but definite pressure in the precise direction required which allows the body to restore muscle tone and return to its natural ability to heal and maintain itself. BSR is a gentle technique which does not require any force to be effective.

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