Car Maintenance


The Facts

“On certain luxury models maintenance plans increase the price of the vehicle by as much as R100 000[1]”.

But my Car is more important than my body….!

Cars are expensive – but worth it! – or are they? Just what are we spending on these ‘travel from A to B machines’? The real cost of owning a car is split between ownership costs (how much it costs you just parked in the garage) and running costs, depending on how much you drive around.

Ownership costs are made up of depreciation, finance costs, opportunity costs, and insurance. If you think the main cost is the car repayment cost, then you would be wrong, it is actually depreciation or how the car looses its value over time. This is especially true for the luxury cars less than five years old.

Opportunity costs are based on what we could earn from the same amount of money were it invested elsewhere. These ownership costs can range from over R100,00 to R10,000 per year depending on how expensive and old the car is today[2].


Running costs comprise of fuel, maintenance and miscellaneous costs such as toll fees, traffic fines, parking etc. These again can range from R15,000 to R30,00 per year. As cars get old they consume more fuel and oil, require additional repairs to keep them on the road.

So how does that relate to you? Well consider yourself to be a car! Just how much do you spend on body maintenance? Keeping yourself fit and healthy going to the gym, eating the healthy diets, looking after yourself. And what about the repair bills once things have gone wrong, such as; going to the doctors, the physiotherapists, podiatrists or having that back or knee surgery? You are the most important vehicle you have, are you investing in your body to go the distance. Average life expectancy ages in South Africa are increasing and you will no doubt be living longer, what state of repair will your body at in these later years?


South Africa Life Expectancy – The Facts

Despite a dip in the life expectancy of South Africans across all race groups due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the average South African will live longer now than before. Overall life expectancy[3] is 61 years (59 years for men and 63 years for women).

Life Expectancy 1990[4]


Life Expectancy 2010[5]


Life Expectancy 2040[6]


Black 55 47 52
Coloured 58 62 62
Asian 65 69 69
White 70 73 72


Well your body already has a self-healing mechanism! Regular Body Stress Release maintenance sessions can greatly improve the body’s capacity to rejuvenate and repair itself.

Regular release can provide the body with the impetus to continually and regularly maintain the balance it needs – and for a fraction of the cost of any car maintenance. Sessions for maintenance are recommended at an interval of 4-6 weeks, book yours today and don’t wait for those expensive repair bills!




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