A 30-year headache

Janine a 40-years old office manager came to see me with headaches and tight jaw she had been having since about 8 years old.  These we described in her initial session case history as being “daily and during the week three @level 6 and four @level 10”.  Now imagine that for a minute, actually it was written in her face.  She was under doctor’s care with strong prescription medication used to control epileptics.

One of her stated aims was “to get of theses meds, my body is just telling me to stop them” While we record if medicines are being administered we in no way make opinions or interfere with the doctor patient relationship.  We started the initial three sessions and by session 3 she came back to my practice as if a veil was lifted from her face “this is the first time in 30 years I have not had a headache!!”


Stressed out CEO

I saw a CEO called Gertrude who was suffering with being always tired, almost to the point of exhaustion, which had built up over 20 years. In addition she had a finger that was “sticking out and wont move” (known as “Trigger Finger”) I see many executives with this fatigue issue, related to work pressures and the hectic modern lifestyle. After one session the pressure and tension released in the neck and full nerve communication was restored to the arm.

The ‘dead finger’ regained mobility, which she found “Amazing – how did you do that?” Over the next four sessions she felt much more energised and was sleeping so much better.  Sometimes the releases have an immediate impact after one session but more likely tension takes several sessions to fully unlock.  Every session she comes in and waggles her finger in the air and says –  “Look its still working!”


Hyperactive child

I saw an extremely active 5-year old boy called Ahmed who was having trouble sleeping.  Our three initial sessions usually last 30-40 mins and are spaced over 11 days.  With this client we worked to the point of boredom and the time he could keep still – about 5-10 mins and had sessions like this nearly each day for two weeks.  Gradually I was able to release stored body tension and he started to sleep much better and became calmer.


Lower back pain in office workers

In my corporate work with Health & Wellness Days I see many office workers suffering from lower back pains from too much computer work.  Sitting for prolonged periods in poorly designed chairs lead to lower back pain, hunched and sore shoulders and tight, stiff necks often with headaches.  Body Stress Release sessions may be able to assist in relieving many of  these issues, but often a change of lifestyle with regard to sitting and computer use and ergonomics can assist.

BSR practitioners can advise you on these changes.  In addition I have firm support cushions made from firm industrial grade foam to “Preserve-the-Curve” while computer sitting, which can greatly assist to avert many of these aches and pains. One Office Worker a female aged 55 said:

“… and the support cushion I bought from you is a real life saver in my office”


Music teacher with repetitive strain

Karin* a 40 year old music teacher, came with deep, continual hand, elbow, shoulder, and neck pains.  This was most likely due to excessive piano playing for concert rehearsals and was akin to a repetitive strain injury (RSI).  It was so bad, it was affecting her playing. After three sessions she was so much more relieved of the pain and also sleeping much better.  The release of stored tension often results in better sleep.  She has continued with regular sessions to date and plays all her musical instruments with vim and vigour.  Often she comes for a few closely-spaced sessions,  when the concert schedule is hectic! ♫♫♫


Neck pains & low energy

A 34-year old male with long-term leg issues came with worsening, very low energy levels, sciatic pains, and neck pain whilst on holiday.  Unfortunately he was only able to have one session with me due to his return to the UK, the sort term improvement was dramatic.  Here is his testimony;

“I am very impressed with Mr Green’s service and knowledge regarding circumstances that can lead to my discomfort; Simons professionalism, state of the art healing techniques, and level of genuine care he has for his clients. I am very happy with my experiences with him last year and look forward to continual reduction in neck pain and increase in stamina and overall health. My happiness has definitely increased since receiving treatment and I now have insight to continuing treatment that I am having with the UK NHS”


Horse rider with stored tension

A lady in her 50’s who was an avid outdoors woman and horse rider who came with long term lower back pain and “years of stored tension”.  She had been multiple types of different modalities over several years.  She committed to three initial sessions and then a continued plan of sessions, until successfully coming to monthly maintenance – stress reduction session! Here is her testimony:

“I have had the most amazing journey with Simon and body stress release, the tension I carried for years in my shoulders and neck has gone. No more headaches. Highly recommend Body Stress Release”.


Bad mattress and debilitating back -ache

“My dear brother and his wife were visiting from Germany. His back has been giving him problems on and off for many years, which indicates that there has been stored tension for a long time. While we were in a game reserve he slept for two days on a bad mattress. He was in terrible pain and took strong painkillers for three days. He could hardly move around. We took him to Simon. The pain subsided immediately after the first session and he could stop taking pain medication.

We continued travelling to Plettenberg Bay and my brother saw another BSR practitioner, Jonathan there twice. We learned that it is essential to go day 1, day 4 and day 11 to address the immediate reason for the pain, helping the body to unlock tension to restore self-healing. The pain improved tremendously. While they were still here the pain became less and less daily.  We are so blown away by this non-invasive amazing health technique.  We are truly grateful to Simon and Jonathan – thank you!”


Large breast issues

The human body may often react poorly in terms of ergonomic and physical structures when excessive weight is added; from being overweight, pregnant and also for ladies with large breasts. Precious* sized 36HH came to me suffering from headaches, shoulder pain, arm numbness and lower back aches.  I estimated that her breast size weighed approximately 6kg and produced a turning force that her lower back had to absorb, thus resulting in acute lumber pain.

The straps of her bra cut into her shoulders, reducing circulation down her arms, most likely could be the cause of her headaches.  It was a case of mechanical stress from this genetic, excessive weight on the front of her body.  Some of the issues are similar during pregnancy and if over weight.  I was able to assist her in pain relief. A well-designed better fitting bra she bought, helped greatly in assisting her shoulder tension and numb arms.


Busy Mum with whole body tension

Dee* a busy Mum of three in her 30’s came to see me with a headache she had suffered with from High School! She had tension and pain in all of her body at some time during the week, but especially in the knees.  Over about eight sessions she was feeling much more relaxed and the majority of pain had subsided and the headaches much more under control. It can take 3 or 33 sessions to fully release and unlocked tension, the route to having a pain-free body is a unique journey for everyone.


Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

A young woman, who was due for an operation for CTS came to see me, but only had one session and vanished!  Years later I happened to meet her asked her why she never came back?  “Oh that wrist pain just vanished after one session and I cancelled the operation!!!”

Some times we truly see amazing results.