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Stress overload

When the stressful forces applied to individuals go beyond the limits of their adaptability, stress overload occurs and some outside help is needed. When stresses accumulate to the point of stress overload, the stress has a physical effect – it becomes “locked” into the body. It may manifest as tightnessRead More

Stress – what does it really mean?

Stress is a part of everyday living, the demands that life places upon us. A certain amount of stress is necessary, in fact essential, to our living process. It provides us with challenges that stimulate us to strive for survival and progress. Our body responds to stress by secreting theRead More

Body Stress Release – a better quality of life.

The purpose of Body Stress Release Body Stress Release has one objective only – to enable the body to release its locked-in stress, thereby allowing the body to restore itself to its optimum state of function. In this way, BSR is based on a profound respect for the body’s wisdom,Read More